Organic dried parsley


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Available in sizes of 1/2lb (227g), 1lb (454g), 5lbs, 25lbs (or more on request).

With a lively, herbaceous and slightly bitter taste, parsley has been cultivated for more than 2000 years. It is a versatile, incredibly widely used herb, perfect for linking and contrasting the flavors of other herbs and spices, and for adding a splash of color to any dish.

PURE AND PREMIUM PRODUCT: SAVCORP parsley is organically grown and harvested before being dried and quickly packaged to preserve its flavor and aroma.

USES: Dried parsley can be used in almost any savory dish you want to name, and in any capacity, from a garnish to a key ingredient. Unlike fresh parsley, it's incorporated early in the cooking process, not at the end, as its concentrated flavors need time to marinate and meld before serving. Dried parsley is commonly used as a flavorful addition to red sauces, minced meat dishes, and herb bread.

DID YOU KNOW: In terms of nutrients, parsley loses almost nothing in the drying process. In fact, many of its nutrients are more concentrated in the dried herb.

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