Yellow Mustard Powder (Ground)


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Available in sizes of 1/2lb (227g), 1lb (454g), 5lbs or more on request.

Yellow mustard is native to the eastern Mediterranean region and comes from the same plant family as brown mustard, wasabi, watercress and horseradish. Its seeds have a pungent, spicy flavor that is fully expressed by grinding them into a powder that acquires an earthy taste when cooked.

PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT: SAVCORP Yellow Mustard Powder is ground from grown seeds, harvested and dried before being packaged without delay to ensure that their distinctive flavor and aroma are perfectly preserved.

USES: Making prepared mustard from powder is both easy and tasty. Try adding mint, ginger or pepper to the mix, or perhaps smoked paprika, garlic or turmeric, and vary the liquid in it from oil of choice, to water, beer, vinegar or wine. Use yellow mustard powder in salad dressing, marinade mixes, rubs, soups and sauces. Yellow mustard is a natural pairing for hot and cold meats, fish, culinary specialties from around the world and a wide range of vegetable dishes.

RESEALABLE, AIR-SEAL BAGS : Our stand-up bags are designed to keep our Mustard as fresh on the last day as on the first. These bulk bags are resealable, sturdy and perfect for easy storage and access. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.

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