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Available in sizes of 1/2lb (227g), 1lb (454g), 5lbs or more on request.

PREMIUM QUALITY PAPRIKA: SAVCORP paprika is made from mild and sweet peppers (Capsicum Annum) cultivated, harvested, dried, crushed in Spain.

Savcorp Paprika is an irresistible addition to all kinds of cuisines, giving foods a warm, sweet flavor that you can sprinkle into many recipes.

Ground from dried sweet chili peppers grown in Spain, Savcorp's ground paprika will please every palate. Its heat, aromatic qualities and color enhance such a variety of dishes that its uses are virtually endless.

From Hungarian goulash, to chicken wings and refreshing yogurt sauces, our superior organic paprika enhances almost any savory food, including meat, poultry, stews, game, fish, shellfish, soup, eggs and boiled or steamed vegetables. It is also excellent with rice and in creamy sauces. It is generally best to add paprika to dishes just before serving, as the heat of cooking can strip some of its flavor and color

RESEALABLE, AIR-SEAL BAGS : Our stand-up bags are designed to keep our Paprika powder as fresh on the last day as the first. These bulk bags are resealable, sturdy and perfect for easy storage and access. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.

Vegetarian ✓ Vegan ✓

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